High School

Xcellate is the e-learning platform for successful high school learners with content, questions and automated progress tracking – aligned directly with CAPS requirements! Learners can work through their course online from any device and see, at a glance, how well they are doing and where their strengths and weaknesses are.

The Xcellate platform is based on world-leading education expertise and is aligned directly to the CAPS standards. A subscription to Xcellate includes:

  • Thousands of dynamic content pages across English, mathematics and sciences from Grades 8-12. Say goodbye to large pdf files and use the latest technology with Xcellate.
  • Over 75,000 realistic questions which learners can answer directly on their devices with immediate detailed feedback for each question – like the questions on real exams.
  • Automated progress tracking – see learner progress whenever, wherever and easily identify exactly where further work is needed to succeed.
  • Past papers to complete online – no more printing and trying to find mark schemes; everything is digitised with immediate feedback for each question in an easily understandable format for learners.
  • For Schools, Teachers and Departments: Track your learners in real-time, set customised assignments and give feedback, all in one place.

Successful learners don’t hope they’ll pass – they know they will pass. Learners have just one shot at their education – make it count with Xcellate.

Monthly Subscription

Once-off Registration Fee = R400.00
Monthly Subscription Fee = R180.00

Annual Subscription

Once-off Registration Fee = R400.00
Annual Subscription Fee = R1550.00